Main Street, Brasher Falls, NY
(315) 389-4364 -

Sensei Mike

Michael Hornung Sensei has been practicing Aikido since 1989.

Sensei Mike started his training in Albany NY under Sensei Irvin Faust. Sensei Faust has been practicing Aikido for over 30 years and currently holds the rank of 6th degree black belt.

Sensei Mike holds the rank of Nidan, 2nd degree black belt  and has taught Aikido at R.P.I. college in Troy, NY, Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam. He also teaches an after school program at Brasher Falls Central School through the 21 Century Grant.

Sensei Mike has been a special guest instructor at various Martial Art Seminars in the North Country. Sensei Mike has a special relationship with  Master Gray at Self Defense America where both clubs get together once a month to cross-train. Sensei Mike and Master Grey both work together to promote Martial Arts in the North Country.

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