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Dynamics of Aikido

Aikido itself is unlike other martial arts in that instead of teaching a so-called "hard" style of offensive punches, kicks and strikes, it teaches the student to blend with the attackers movement to render him harmless, but unhurt. 

In Aikido we never clash with an attacker head-on.  Instead, utilizing circular movements, we move out of the way of the attack and utilize a variety of throws or joint locking techniques. 

Because of its non-conflicting nature, you don't have to be young or strong to learn Aikido.  The workout succeeds in giving excellent all-round conditioning and is very good for cardiovascular improvement. 

Most practice is done with a partner. Each works at his or her own level of ability, alternating as uke (the attacker), and nage (the one who receives the attack). Both roles are stressed as each contributes skills that enhance overall sensitivity and control.

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